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Fine Feed Radial Drill Machine

Gives different Speeds by precise adjusted sets of cone pulleys in our Fine Feed Radial Drill Machine, which keeps running on two metal balls. Axle sleeve is legitimately crushed and solidified is guided in honned, Penetrate head bore shaft is mounted on five ball and bearing for smooth and precise running. Arm and penetrate head control ways are accurately hand-scratched for least play and inflexible cinching of bore head with arm. Fine Feed Radial Drill Machine produced using best quality material are helical teethed on imported hobbing machine for smooth and quiet running. Well satisfactorily ribbed base plate, arm and arm section for most extreme unbending nature and least avoidance.

Key Features:
  • Stretched base for more noteworthy inflexibility to lessen vibration
  • Overwhelming obligation segment with vigorously ribbed base plate
  • Oil shower lifting get together designed with steel worm bolstered trough metal rollers at the two sides
  • Sinks the machines are bolstered through decrease roller course

Product Image (FINEFEED)

Fine Feed Radial Drilling Machine

Price: 100000 INR/Piece

Efficiency at its zenith, the advancement presented in the business has been sustained through this created Fine Feed Radial Drilling Machine that has every capacity of being your Fantasy MACHINE. The green laser jewel cutting machine has a green laser based precious stone sawing framework making it most developed, high review and all around prepared hardware.

Product Image (FINEFEED)

25 MM Fine Feed Radial Drilling Machine

Price: 70000.00 INR/Unit

25 MM Fine Feed Radial Drilling Machine is the most exceptional, high review and green laser based jewel sawing framework. The unmatched green laser which is having shorter wavelength gives wild power and outrageous exactness amid precious stone cutting operation. The precision in cutting outcomes into least weight reduction, least breakage as well as more yield each cut jewel.