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Autofeed Pillar Drill Machine

The hearty and streamlined development empowers Auto Feed Radial Drill Machine to withstand and retain substantial cutting powers. Both the arm and the boring head can be swiveled and clasped to any coveted position on twofold section. The arm can be climbed and around a lifting engine coupled to screw bar nut instrument. Round table at the base of provided Auto Feed Radial Drill Machine, mounted over an arm which can be swlveled around to any coveted position and can likewise be settled in any of the T-openings or can be expelled with the goal that the entire base can be utilized. Drive is transmitted from engine to shaft through five ventured V-groove pulley and V-belt.

Key Features:
  • Section, arm, work head and riggings are made out of shut grain.
  • Earlier gathering of primary apparatus and pully
  • Parts completed on imported granulating machine
  • Every single moving part completed to close resilience
Product Image (AUTOFEED)

13 mm Auto Feed Pillar Drill Machine

Price: 25000 INR/Piece

13 mm Auto Feed Pillar Drill Machine Drilling capacity 13mm Pillar Diameter 47mm Spindle nose to table distance 272mm Distance from spindle nose to base distance 460mm Distance from spindle center to pillar surface 1825mm


25 mm Fine Feed Pillar Drill Machine

Price: 30000 INR/Piece

Drilling capacity in steel 25 mm No. of spindle speed 8 Spindle speed in RPM 105 - 2651 RPM Spindle nose MT- 3 Spindle centre to column face 230 mm Spindle travel 160 mm

Product Image (AUTOFEED)

40mm Auto Feed Pillar Drilling Machine

Price: 100000 INR/Unit

Auto Feed Pillar Drilling Machine is utilized to measures the current in a circuit is to tear the circuit open and embed an "ammeter" in accordance with the circuit so every electron coursing via the circuit likewise need to experience the meter.

Product Image (19 mm Autofeed)

19 mm auto feed pillar drill machine

Price: 30000 INR/Piece

Drill Capacity In Steel 20 mm No. of Spindle Speed 8 Spindle Speed in RPM 90 -3000 Spindle Nose MT-2 Spindle Center to pillar surface 216 Spindle Travel 125